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The Post Hall is open at full capacity.     Updated 28 September 2021.


When our web site was migrated from to, all the entries were deleted.  We are working to get the content added back in. We appreciate your patience.


If there is no POST event listed, then the post is closed. On the dates and nights of non-post events, the canteen is closed and the hall is for the sole use for the event, group and people listed.


Until we can get the new Calendar working properly, we will list the upcoming events:


The Canteen is open:

-every Thursday evening from 5 to 10pm

-every Friday evening from 5 to 10pm



October 10th - Luncheon Bingo - Sunday - 1 to ? pm

Doors open at Noon, Lunch served at 1pm.

BINGO games start after lunch.

Admission is $30, which includes lunch, 20 games and 3 specials.

Other games available at separate cost, Early Birds, Quickies, etc.

Tickets available at the Post when it is open or by calling Sue at 410-437-7315.



November 6th - Bull Roast - Saturday - 1 to 5 pm

Tickets $50

Pit Beef, Ham, Turkey, Sausages

Fried and Steamed Shrimp

Raw Oysters and Fried Oysters (yum)

Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Green Beans, Sauerkraut

Desserts, Draft Beer, Wine Bar

Call Chuck Chambers 410-437-1475